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ABC Connection: Hotel and Venue Content for Meetings and Events

How mature is the content within a hotel booking agents systems now; compared to 10 years ago? The Achilles' heel of HBAs has been the inability to match the markets information needs and provide; depth and quality of relevant information for services, facilities and special needs. Little progress has been made on relevant images, video, audio or virtual tours. And presenting poor hotel and venue content does damage a HBAs brand! In this ever-changing industry, properties open and close, change brands / franchises but a HBAs customer expects the information provided to be up-to-date at all times. And, when was the last time HBAs reviewed the information put in front of their customers, the chances are that it is years out of date, fairly generic, and missing vital information - and they allow their customers to view this - daily. Another restricting factor is the HBAs IT development costs; constantly changing the systems to meet new or emerging customer needs. However, a few HBAs enable limited data entry – but this presents a growing challenge to hotels and venues; Hotels and venues have literally thousands of companies asking for information, data and images facilities, and services . This is required in differing formats and in different data-sets; hotel and venues just do not have the resources to meet these ever-changing demands – let alone to keep them up to date and relevant And each hotel and venue deploys content in their own individual way, causing displays of aggregated content to appear of low quality and inconsistent HBAs and TMCs who work with ABC Connection are experiencing significant revenue growth from both existing and new business wins – these client expect high quality consistent hotel and venue content


ABC Connection facilitates HBAA initiative to help kick start empty inventories

It's not just distressed travellers across the globe who are feeling the effects of Icelands volcanic fallout. Hotels and venues have been seeing the impact with events scaled back, postponed and cancelled. As a consequence, hotel booking agencies are increasingly being asked to seek local alternative venues at short notice by their clients who are keen to get their business back to a structured working pace. As flights return to normal, the HBAA is aiming to kick start the European events economy by delivering a daily distressed inventory of hotels and venues with space and availability. The Daily Fallout Rates (DFR) will enable over one thousand HBAA partner hotel and venue companies to expedite distribution through its member agency network. Compilation and communication of the Daily Fallout Rates will be managed by the HBAAs strategic partner, online publisher ABC Connection, via its Promotion Generator tool used by the Associations members and partners. Peter Ducker, HBAA executive director said, We have seen various events cancel, including the keynote HEDNA conference in Prague, which has left spare inventory in many traditional conference destinations due to travellers not being able to get there. Despite the airports reopening the disruption for hotels will continue until after a full return to normality and traveller confidence is restored. Our partner hotels and venues are looking for immediate support, hence we are issuing Daily Fallout Rates for agents and their clients to benefit from. Brian Farrugia, ABC Connections CEO, said,This initiative from the HBAA is a very positive move in the current climate and we are delighted to support them. About the HBAA The Hotel Booking Agents Association (HBAA) was formed in 1997 and now consists of more than 77 Members and 190 Partners. The association has an annual buying power in excess of £4.7bn. Members agents are specialists in making hotel accommodation, conference and event reservations as their core business. Partners are comprised of the leading hotel chains, training centres and independent hotels and venues. www. ABC www. ABC


ABC Connection launches Image Manager tool to boost online merchandising for hotels and venues

ABC Connection has launched Image Manager, a brand new online photo library where hotel and non-accommodation venue customers can upload, view, edit and organise all their digital images in one place. Image Manager is an easy-to-use professional online image management system. It integrates with Content Manager and the other Tools and Solutions available to customers to help with all aspects of their digital imaging. With on-screen prompts, the user can resize, crop and format images with no need for any special software or previous experience. Image Manager supports all major digital image formats and automatically reformats images into standard JPEG files in the correct size for optimum viewing online. It has the capacity to store very large collections with hundreds even thousands of images. High quality images bring hotel and venue descriptions to life and convey the atmosphere and experience on offer. To find out how you can utilise Image Manager to help grow your accommodation and meetings business as a customer of ABC Connection, please call +44 (0)845 644 3895 or email www. ABC www. ABC


ABC Connection launches Internet Tools & Solutions for Hotels and Venues

ABC Connection has launched Internet Tools and Solutions for Hotels and Venues, its brand new customer interface which enables access to a suite of online marketing tools to help them grow their businesses. This is an upgrade of Property Editor and brings with it a host of new features and functionality. Every customer has its own password-protected Internet Tools and Solutions site to: § Load, edit and manage descriptive and visual content § Access and respond to Business Alerts § Access and utilise the marketing tools available The intuitive new site provides numerous benefits for hotels and non-accommodation customers who are looking to increase their online visibility and marketing reach, with access to a range of tools including Promotion Generator and E-Mail Marketeer. The interface enables customers to build and personalise the functionality that has most relevance to their needs. Click here to view the new Tools and Solutions interface For more information on how to grow your accommodation and meetings business as a customer of ABC Connection, please call +44 (0)845 644 3895 or email www. ABC www. ABC


ABC Connection is industry standard-bearer for hotel and venue data provision

In just 4 years, ABC Connection has become widely recognised as the industry standard for hotel and conference venue data. Thats the consensus of many of the UKs biggest hotel booking and venue-find agency chiefs, for whom consistency, reliability and flexibility of property data are pre-requisites. Accurate information is the lifeblood of any operation like ours says Chris Madge, MD of Zibrant, who signed up with ABC earlier this year.For us, the ABC solution alleviated many issues surrounding the collation and accuracy of property information. Previously data maintenance involved substantial time both for our own and venues staff in updating our database. The adoption of ABC, which is fast becoming the industry standard, enables us to deliver high quality content on hotel and venue groups to our staff and clients. HBAs reservations teams dont have time to spend trawling through hotel groups own sites for information, so agency principals need a solution that gives them everything they need, but in one place. A point endorsed by Sherie Keable of NIS Europe.Prior to working with ABC Connection NIS had spent a number of years looking for a reliable source of hotel and venue data to supplement our own database without success. The information provided by ABC is both accurate and relevant and provides our clients with a clear picture of the properties they are booking as well as the amenities that are available. By utilising the ABC data, NIS agents have been able to dramatically reduce the time they spend responding to simple requests for information and by incorporating this into our on-line tools we have seen a significant reduction in the run of the mill property related questions that we previously had to handleIts a sentiment echoed by Nick Foot, MD of Hotelscene.We felt from the outset that there was a tremendous synergy between ABC Connection and ourselves. This has significantly improved the data available to our consultants and customers, especially in the conference arena where, for example, they are now able to download floor plans. Weve also will also be able to use the ABC system to improve the content of our own website.For many of the UKs leading agencies, ABC has taken the pain out of database management.For years, the level and integrity of information collated for conference venues compared to hotels has varied enormously. Clients information needs in this area are different; they need to download floor plans, menus, and other data not required for a straightforward overnight hotel booking. ABC Connection has been the first data provider to meet these very different requirements said Hotelscenes Nick Foot. Leigh Jagger is Managing Director of meetings and events specialists Banks Sadler.We are delighted to be working with ABC Connection she declared. Our collaboration has certainly added to the depth and quality of our database whilst allowing us to ensure that our data is kept up-to-date in a rapidly changing market. Banks Sadler has won several new accounts over the last few months and our links with ABC has also helped us enhance our data in the previously less booked regions. Asked to explain why the ABC product is proving so attractive, ABC Chairman Martin Coleman pinpoints his teams understanding of industry distribution.In todays market, an intimate understanding of the procurement process, from RFP to fulfilling a booking request either direct or via an intermediary, is crucial. We believe that we can be an irresistible proposition by providing data and functionality that enable agencies to add value to their clients, such as images, 360 degree views, information on WiFi, in-room internet connections, plasma screens as well as the means to access promotional or optimum rates.We take great care to ensure that the property information we hold is constantly up-dated, and because we constantly develop additional information modules ranging from disabled guest information to detailed Spa descriptions Martin concluded.

  • Results: 11
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